Student Poster Session

The NACE committee invites students to present their research at the NACE Northern Area Western Conference February 24-26, 2015 in Calgary, AB.

What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the poster session is to encourage students to:

  • Learn about corrosion
  • Gain Experience completing projects and presenting ideas to a technical audience
  • Connect to people in industry

Why Attend?

There are many benefits to participation in this poster session, including

  • Prizes: $2000 in prize money to be given out
  • Free Membership: Students receive a free 1-year NACE membership
  • Free Conference Registration
  • Industry connections with conference attendees
  • Valuable experience presenting ideas, organizing information, and answering questions

Who Can Participate?

  • Any student still registered as a student.
  • Students who are not yet NACE members can still submit a poster; participants in the session will receive a free 1-year membership. For more information on student membership refer to the NACE International website HERE.
  • There can only be one student per poster. Students may acknowledge advisor’s or fellow student's assistance in the acknowledgements section of their poster.

  • What Topics are Suitable?

    Any project related to corrosion, including case studies, completed research, current research, or planned research can be submitted.

    How do I Enter?

    1. Write an abstract summarizing your project. The abstract should be less than 500 words in length, and include a descriptive title. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
    2. Upload your Student Poster abstract by clicking HERE. The deadline for abstract submissions is November 30, 2014.