On behalf of the Calgary NACE Section we would like to invite you to the 2015 Northern Area Western Conference in Calgary Alberta. This three day conference will focus on Corrosion and Asset Integrity topics dealing with conventional oil and gas, heavy oil and the oil sands industry. The list of Technical Sessions within the 2015 Calgary NACE Conference Program includes: Protective Coatings, Cathodic Protection, Chemical Inhibition, Material Selection, Non Metallics, Corrosion Mechanism, Inspection within Pipelines and Facilities as well as a final ½ day Regulatory "Hot Topics" Forum.

Corrosion and Asset Integrity Management are important topics, particularly as they relate to the safe and reliable operations of pipelines and facilities. Recent pipeline failures and the tightening of regulatory requirements in response to those failures is a key issue in the industry as owners seek to address the inevitable deterioration or their assets. Oil and Gas Producers are face increasing scrutiny by the general public in addition to regulatory bodies in the midst of a continuing global increase in energy consumption and demand for oil production. Responsible owners are continuously finding ways to utilize technology and partner with service companies to effectively manage the integrity of their assets in a way that will not only improve their business but also enhance their reputation with the public and industry stakeholders. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to learn about recent developments, ongoing issues, and industry recognized solutions in the areas of corrosion prevention, mitigation, inspection and monitoring.

A trade show will be run in conjunction with the technical presentations at the conference centre, giving conference attendees ample time to browse vendor booths and discuss their integrity issues and solutions with a variety of industry representatives. Bring your questions and see what mitigation, monitoring and inspection developments are available to assist you with your integrity management program planning.

On behalf of the conference organizing committee we look forward to seeing you all in February 2015.

Program Conference Chair - Doug Kellow and Yasir Idlibi

Session Tracks

Session Track Session Leads
Track 1: Session 1 - Cathodic Protection Brad Woloschuk and Yoko Nakazatot
Track 2: Session 1 - Corrosion Mechanisms Frank Hornsby and Pat Teevens
Track 1: Session 2 - Chemical Inhibition Jason McGovern and James North
Track 2: Session 2 - Asset Integrity and Facilities Gobind Khiani
Track 1: Session 3 - Material Selection Nicholas Suidgeest
Track 2: Session 3 - Asset Integrity and Pipelines Dennis Zadery and Corey Simard
Track 1: Session 4 - Non Metallics Mark Sadowski
Track 2: Session 4 - Heavy Oil Facilities Sandy Williamson
Track 1: Session 5 - Protective Coatings Yasir Idlibi and Terry Aben
Track 2: Session 5 - Monitoring & Inspection Chad Niehaus and Doug Davey
Regulatory Forum Jerry Bauman and Dean Jenson